Magic Wishing bracelets and gift ideas. Help the Princess... Save the Prince.


Every Bracelet Comes With A Magic Keycode

Your Magic Keycode is written on the card that came with your Wishing Bracelet. Create a free account, name your Princess and Register Your Magic Keycode to play. All of your keycodes will be stored online for easy access in the future.

Each bracelet "style" comes with a unique keycode that will unlock the Princess Kingdom. While playing the many Wishing Bracelet games you will earn valuable Princess Points which are used in Create My Princess to dress your princess, buy outfits, jewelry, scenery, and so much more! You can also take photos and travel around the Princess Kingdom. There are always new exciting items, games and features added all the time. So check back often!

By collecting more Magic Wishing Bracelets, you will be able to earn more Princess Points during your adventures. Two bracelets earns double Princess Points, three bracelets earns you triple Princess Points, etc.

In the Princess Game, to end the spell and save the prince, you must travel through the Princess Kingdom, getting clues from your animal friends in order to find 9 Royal Crowns before the evil queen stops you. If you happen to find three Magic Wands on your adventure, you will win a special prize! Some Magic Wands even unlock a Super Bonus Game where you can earn lots of Princess Points. So always look for the hidden wands.

Once you save the Prince, your bracelet will become enchanted and you will receive a magical prize and online correspondence sent directly from Princess Renee. She will tell you about her life at the castle, her travels around the world, her royal events and more... You can earn bonus Princess Points by playing educational games: math, language, history, and more.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can play the Princess game or any of the Magic Wishing Bracelet games, or the amount of Princess Points you can have, so play as many times as you want.

If you ever need help along your journey, click the HELP STAR. Wishing you a Lifetime of Princess Fun with Magic Wishing Bracelets.

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Wishing Bracelets unlock a magical kingdom

Each bracelet can:
  • Earn Valuable Princess Points
  • Discover hidden treasures
  • Save the Prince
  • Win Prizes
  • Dress the Princess
  • And much more…

More Bracelets = More fun

With more bracelets you can:
  • Discover new lands on your quest
  • Befriend more animals
  • Unlock more games and prizes
  • Double and triple your points
  • Earn special prizes with combined princess points!
  • And much MUCH more…

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Broadband Internet Connection, Internet Explorer v7 and v8, Firefox, Safari & Google Chrome.

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