Magic Wishing bracelets and gift ideas. Help the Princess... Save the Prince.

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How do I register for a Magic Wishing Bracelet account?
How do I get a Magic Keycode to Play in Princess World?
How do I win a Free Keycode or golden Bracelet?
Do I get a bonus if I have 2 or more of the same bracelet style?
Do I need another keycode to play again?
Is safe?
Are Magic Wishing Bracelets Lead-Safe?
How are Magic Wishing Bracelets Educational?
How does this game promote Good Deeds?
Do I have to enter an email address?
How do I stop receiving emails from the Princess?
What If I want no longer wish to have an account?
How can I recover my password?
How do I change my Password?
I would like to update my e-mail address
I lost my Keycode before I was able to enter it. How do I get it back?
What Games do I get with my Magic Wishing Bracelet?
What is the Princess Video Game?
How do I customize the adventures I want to play in the Princess Video Game?
What happens if there is an adventure on my path in the Princess Video Game that I don’t want to play now?
What if I need help while playing the Princess Video Game?
As I am playing the game it keeps telling me to find the crown and won’t let me move on. What do I do?
No matter how many times I play the game, I can’t seem to find all 3 Magic Wands?
What will happen if I find Magic Wands in the Princess game?
How do I enter the Royal Coloring Contest?
What happens when I save the Prince?
What happens if the evil queen stops me before I save the Prince?
What are Princess Points?
How do I earn Princess Points?
How to I Create My Princess?
What happens if I bought an item in Create My Princess that I no longer want. Can I exchange it?
How do I take a picture of the Princess I created?
What kind of Internet connection do I need to play?
What kind of computer do I need to be able to play?
What do I do if the game keeps quitting on me?
I am trying to do something but it is not moving?
What if I am having troubles with
Why does the game feel slow on my computer?
What do I do if the game freezes in the Princess Video Game?
What do I do if the Create your Princess Freezes or seems to have an error?